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Setting specific static port for your XStudio DB

Typîcal question: 

XStudio access gets blocked from customer networks - firewall restricts the access from 'non-standard' ports that XStudio uses. Is it possible to change the connection to use standard ports so that access is allowed?


XStudio uses standard DB ports as provided Microsoft, Oracle or Mysql/MariaDB. But these ports may be blocked by blocked and security managers may require you change to specific static TCP ports. 

How to do that on the DB side is dependent on each provider and editor; But whatever port you choose, you need to reflect it in the server connection string for XStudio.


Mysql and MariaDB

Example change from the default port  3306 to 3360

On the DB server, you need to edit your my.cnf file and make sure you have the port set as in the following line:

port = 3360

Then restart your MySQL service


In XStudio Server settings: 

Change the default from







Please review Oracle documentation at Managing Oracle Database Port Numbers.

The default port we use is Oracle default port 1521


In XStudio Server settings: 

Change the default from




 Where xxxx is the new port you want to use



Microsoft SQL server 

In case your instance does not use dynamic port allocation the default port is 1433.

Refer to the Microsoft SQL server or Azure documentation corresponding to the version of SQL server you are using in order to set the desired static port or to allow for dynamic port allocation


Note: for dynamic port allocation to work you may need to allow for UDP port 1434 through your firewalls


In XStudio Server settings: 

Change the default from




 Where xxxx is the new port you want to use


Note: in older versions of SQL server <=SQLServer 2008), the port number (xxxx) may be preceded with ',' rather than a ':'.


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