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Managing TO-DOs in the home dashboard

Details for TESTS



 In a test, you MUST have one  assigned Author (in the 'Assigned to' tab, sub-tab "Author")

The Author is in charge of defining the information for "Manual Testing"; this includes:

  • describing the test (scope and description)
  • creating the test cases and procedures for each test case
  • associating the useful 'attributes' (to test) and 'parameters' (to test cases)


For each test case of a test, the Author can set the "Ready for manual run" flag. 

The test will appear in the Author's home dashboard, till all test cases are flagged as "Ready for manual run". 

If you have 2 test cases, one being flagged as "Ready for manual run" and the other is not, the Author will see the test in the Tests' "I must author..." to-do list with a progression of 50%.

Once the Author sets the second test case as "Ready for manual run", the test will either disappear from the "I must author..." to-do list or remain for the number of days set in the user settings (see How does XStudio manage the to-do in the home dashboard ?)



For each test, you MAY have an assigned Developer  (in the 'Assigned to' tab, sub-tab "Developer")

The Developer is in charge of automating the test. That is coding the script that will run automatically.

Similarly to the Author, each test case can be flagged  as "Ready for automated run". 

Till all test cases are flagged as "Ready for automated run", the test will appear in the "I must develop ..." to-do list of the assigned Developer.


As an example, for a test called "clone file", we have 2 test cases. Both are flagged "Ready for manual run..." and only one is flagged "Ready for automated run"

For this example, we have set the Author and the Developer as the same user. S othis user is in charge of authoring and developing the test. 

In such case, the users's home dashboard will not display the "clone file" test in the "I'm must author" (this is because we have set the delay to retain to-do to 0 in the user setting) and it will display the test in the "I must develop...", with a progression of 50%.


Other objects for which XStudio defined the to-do lists:



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