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Running SOAPUI tests get multiple errors in the log but test succeeds

This is SOAPUI packaging issue since 5.2.x.


Once installed, SOAPUI places some plugins under "C:\Users\<user name>.soapuios\plugin".


For SoapUI 5.2.1, there are 4 default plugins installed under this directory:

  1. readyapi-swaggerhub-plugin-1.0.jar
  2. ready-mqtt-plugin-dist.jar
  3. ready-uxm-plugin-1.0.1-dist.jar
  4. soapui-swagger-plugin-2.2-dist.jar

Just rename the original folder 'plugins' to 'plugins_justForPro' (or something else), so that default plugins could be forced hidden during runtime. The problem then disappears.



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