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Adding useful information to the workflow status

XStudio proposes simple workflows to manage objects' status (e.g. 'New', 'Ack' ...)


This is because this is quite impossible to match every and each organization requirements with a single, even complex flow.


But you can add useful information, answering your specific needs, by using 'custom fields'. 


For example, working with defects, you can choose in between the following:


This answers most customers needs. But what if you would like to know the reason for the closure of any defect?


A good solution is to add 2 custom fields: 

  • Reason for closure
  • Referenced ID

'Reason for closure could take the following values:

  1. Fixed (well ... we fixed the bug)
  2. Rejected - not a bug  (this is the normal behavior of the solution and it can't be changed)
  3. Rejected - transformed as a new requirement (this was not intended to work, but we can make it work)
  4. Duplicate (this is the same as another bug already being addressed)


In cases 3 and 4 above, you will need to add an information to let the reader know which object we are referring to  (e.g.  D_xxxx for a duplicate defect, R_YYY for a new requirement).


e.g. closed defect, that is a duplicate fo defect 445


Note: when you set a defect as 'Closed', it may disappear from the tree. This depends on the switch at the top of the defect tree (the little gray bug at the right of the search field 



To create new custom fields, you need to click on the root folder of any tree. On the right pane the tab 'custom fields' will appear. you can add, modify and delete existing custom fields.


For our current example: you would add the followings:



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