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Collaborate on any object using slack, fleep, zendesk and others

Quite often, you need to collaborate with a team, with end-users or with customers to better understand a requirement, validate a specification, confirm a test and so on. 


No 2 companies use the same collaboration infrastructure: SLACK, FLEEP, SKYPE ...  For example at XQual, we use Zendesk as a ticketing system... and also to collaborate with our customers that explore specific change request. 


There's a very simple way to do this. 


Create a custom field  (e.g. Discussion) of type 'wiki'

In it, you will just have to enter a link to the conversation channel or ticket and ... that's it! Now you can just click on it anytime you work on the object, see the past conversation and add to it ...

This way you get the benefit of your existing collaboration infrastructure and, you avoid piling up information in your "description" field in XStudio, which would make the report quite hard to read. Still, depending on the solution you use, you can keep track of all exchanges you add on any specific topic.


For example, here we created a Change Request (mapped as an XStudio Requirement), and add the linked to the Zendesk ticket:


If we just click the link, we get access to the ticket with all of its history. 


Moreover, you can then add some information, such a  brief summary of the status, or conclusion of the conversation



When it comes to FLEEP or SLACK, you can decide to create one conversation channel per requirement or a common channel for a project ... it really depends on your organization.


For example  here's how it would make it for SLACK or FLEEP:







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