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Tactic to automate manual tests


When developing using Agile principles, teams often create manual tests (or exploratory tests that they turn into manual tests using PDNL).


Sprint after Sprint, they collect tests into XStudio. 


As some stage (several Sprints), they start to have enough stable features and associated working manual tests so that they can think about creating a (non-)regression campaign.



The best approach is then:

  1. Automate each test case of a test - develop the scripts, test them thoroughly
  2. Once done, check the "ready for automated run" so that XStudio knows the test cases can also be run automated
  3. Duplicate or move (*) the test to a category that support the launcher you scripted with (e.g. selenium)
  4. Run the test on its own - this enforces you to define a configuration (or to use one if you went through this process already)
  5. Once it done, you can then include the test into one or multiple (non)regression campaigns



(*) moving the test to a different category - from a manual launcher to an automated one - will keep the existing campaigns that include this test running - the test will just be executed automated and it won't appear in the manual test report anymore. 


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