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Integrating with Jenkins, Hudson, Bamboo, TeamCity and others

XStudio integrates into any existing or new Continuous Integration and/or release promotion pipeline.

To Interface it with your favorite workflow tool (e.g. Jenkins, Bamboo, Hudson, TeamCity) you need to use the XContinuousIntegration executables. 

(see the attached pdf to get some understanding of the terminology we use in this context).


The best way is: 

  • to install the full XStudio fat client  (which includes XContinuousIntegration executables) on the server hosting your continuous integration system.
  • to copy from the XStudio server the following configuration files:  xstudio.conf, requirements.conf, bugtracking.conf 
  • to create the "export" folder where the test reports will be provided to the CI server

You'll run it one the following way ( windows or linux/MacOS), launching it from the CI server

  • xcontinuousintegration_console.exe <options>
  • java -jar xcontinuousintegration.jar <options>


You can check the details of the options here:

You can also install XContinuousIntegration on ANY server that can be remotely accessed via ssh. In that case, you will be able to execute it remotely from you continuous integration build plan with a command similar to:

ssh -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no <account> "cd <path to xcontinuousintegration>; java -jar xcontinuousintegration.jar <options>"

This is useful if you have several CI servers and want to get only one XCi instance on a dedicated server. 

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