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Log field in requirements/specifications or bugs

In most organizations, stakeholders work collaboratively to define requirements or specifications or to add information on bugs.


In XStudio this can be done in different ways:

  1. Use the standard 'Description' field and add the information in it using your own format (e.g. Date-time-initials  < comment>)
  2. Add a custom field (selecting the root node of the tree and adding a field); using the "wiki" format
  3. Add a link in the Description field or to a special custom field (using the "string" format) to a SLACK, FLEEP.IO, or other collaborative systems of yours (including ticketing system such as Zendesk or Freshdesh )


  • Option 2 is the best if you wish to keep all data in XStudio and all stakeholders have an access to it.
  • Option 3 is the best if you have a collaborative system in place that the stakeholders are used to.



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