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How do I get the log/traces of XStudio?

With the standalone version of XStudio (or any other executable), instead of executing xstudio.exe you can startxstudio_console.exe. A DOS box will automatically popup and will display the traces.
Increasing the screen buffer size (Properties > Layout > Screen Buffer Size > Height = 9999) of the window is a good idea as the default value is pretty small.

With the web package, you need to activate the java console to see the log:
But the screen buffer size is also pretty small and it's advised to activate the tracing so that a trace file is automatically created for you.
To activate the traces:
Windows start menu > Control Panel > Programs > Java > Advanced > Debugging > Enable tracing
Windows start menu > Control Panel > Programs > Java > Advanced > Java Console > Show console

Note: If in addition you enable the logging feature (available from the same settings panel), the log file is generated in:

Windows XP: %HOME%\\Application Data\\Sun\\Java\\Deployment\\log  
Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/Vista: %APPDATA%\\..\\LocalLow\\Sun\\Java\\Deployment\\log  
Linux/Solaris: %HOME%/.java/deployment/log  

The log file name includes random characters and is similar to javaws1287369374028910351.trace. Just look at the last updated time to see what is the latest one

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