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My MySql server's performances are degrading with time. Is there a way I can improve this?

Depending on your setup, you may need to polish your MySql server for better performances and scalability.
It's a good idea to run the MySql Server Instance Config Wizard (delivered with MySql) and follow the instructions. This will set the best settings for your configuration.

In addition/Alternatively, you can manually set a few parameters (in my.ini) such as:
max_connections=256 (can be increased if needed)
query_cache_size=20000000 (which means 20MBytes)
innodb_buffer_pool_size=128M (<75% of the total addressable RAM on dedicated database server)

From mysql admin in startup variables >> innodb >> increase mem pools size to 30MBytes inside startup variables change >> general parameters >> memory usage >> KEY BUFFER to 64Bytes

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