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I change my Database server port , my licence doesn't work

By default the Mysql server is rechable using the port 3306.

You may need to change this port for various security or infrastructure reasons.

There are 2 ways to do this.

(Easiest) In the menu , 'settings'/'server settings' on the 'Database' tab

  • change the Connection template:
    • from "jdbc:mysql://database_server:3306/database_name"
    • To "jdbc:mysql://database_server:your_port /database_name"
    • Where your_port  is the Mysql port your use (e.g. 33507)
  • Follow the install procedure by copying back the files to the xstudio/bin 


(Harder)  Enter the port in the database server name 

  • Mysever_Server:33507
  • BUT in such case you will require a new license key from XQual 



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