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How do I link directly requirements or specifications with tests?

If you don't manage specification, then from the requirment you want to link, click on 'Coverage', then choose the 'Test'  tab. By default only already associated tests will appear.

Unfilter all tests by clicking on the red filter icon (see below) - you can then choose the one tests you want to link to this requirement.


In case you manage Specifications , then it is not possible to link directly requirements with tests.

In that case the path is requirement <-> specification <-> test.

You proceed the same as above by from the specification tree.


If you do not want to handle specifications for some of your requirement, you can create and link one specification for each requirement automatically:

  • Select a folder in the requirement tree
  • click on the "Generate specifications" button


For each requirements included in the folder, a specification will be created and linked 1-1.

The only thing you have to do now is to link the specifications to the tests using the standard way explained above.


Reminder : by default XStudio does not enable specifications. Your adminstrator needs to enable it by configuring the 'server settings', 'advanced' tab  and then check the 'include specifications in life-cycle'  

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