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I can't find my xstudio_measured_integrity.dat file?

It depends from the OS of your computer.

The best is to activate the traces then, run a integrity check from the menu (Tools> Check database integrity).
When the integrity check process is completed, check out your traces to see where is saved the xstudio_measured_integrity.dat file:

{00:00:08.617} [thread utils  ]  theoretical database description nb characters: 75740
{00:00:08.617} [thread utils ] destination folder: C:\\Users\\Paul\\AppData\\Local\Temp {00:00:08.627} [write file ] writing in once in xstudio_measured_integrity.dat...
{00:00:08.627} [write file ] setting write file to xstudio_measured_integrity.dat... {00:00:08.627} [write file ] deleting file C:\\Users\\Paul\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\ xstudio_measured_integrity.dat... {00:00:08.627} [write file ] writing in file C:\\Users\\Paul\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\ xstudio_measured_integrity.dat... {00:00:08.627} [thread utils ] generated measured integrity file: C:\\Users\\Paul\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\ xstudio_measured_integrity.dat {00:00:08.627} [thread utils ] sending email about integrity... {00:00:08.627} #thread # constructing thread... ...
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