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I deployed the VM but the automatic backup does not seem to work

It looks like an update of MySQL corrupted in some way the xstudio user authorization in some specific versions of our VM.
At the end, the xstudio user cannot connect anymore from localhost which prevents the automatic backup to function properly.

To fix that, please connect to the webmin interface of the VM (https://<ipaddr>:12321), open the MySQL Database Servermanagement module (from the menu: Servers > MySQL Server Database) and do the following:

  1. From the User Permissions module delete the xstudio user
  2. Re-create the xstudio user with the following settings:

    Username: xstudio
    Password: xstudiopwd

  3. Open the database permissions module and add the following database permissions:

  4. Restart MySql by executing the service mysql restart command in a terminal.

That should fix the issue and automatic backup will be back.

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