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How to get a trial license for evaluation


If you already tried XStudio using our click and try option, and you wish to evaluate our solutions on-premises, you can use the standalone version or the pre-configured VM.  The second option is better if you want several actors to participate in the evaluation.


You can download and install from

The installation procedure is there:


Once that's done, please communicate us back the  'database server name' and the 'database name' you've chosen for your context.

You find those in the menu 'parameters', ' server parameters' in the database tab.


We'll send you a license key for the duration of your evaluation.

Alternatively, we could set up a Private SaaS for you.



To assist you  in starting your evaluation you can get access to  our Bootstrap


and a free set of video that addresses all major aspect of XStudio at: English training




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