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Slow response time when accessing a test category remotely

When  expanding a test category, you may experience slow response when accessing from a remote location but not for all users. 


The reason is that for some users Xstudio retrieves all statistics for Authored/Designed test cases. It's proportional to the number of first-level folders in the category.


In effect few users should view this data: QA manager mostly, and admin.  So if your users experience slow response time, we strongly recommend to revoke the "statistics viewing" for Tests by un-selecting it in the profile of those users.  (profiles are configured through the users module)


Doing so will greatly speed up the retrieval of a test category. 


The users will not not have access to the graph showing the progress of 2 metrics:
- number of authored testcases (ready for manual run)
- number of automated testcases (ready for automated run)



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