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Changing action rights for a user

Each user has one profile. 

The profile grants the user with the ability to do multiple actions on the objects (SUT, Requirements, ...) that he /she has access to (depending on the teams the user belongs to).

If you need to grant/revoke action rights to the user, you need to associate another profile to her/him.

To do so:

  • Choose a profile that is the closest to your need - review existing profiles provided with XStudio
  • Copy it
  • Change its name with the name you like
  • Then modify the action rights as your need
  • This profile will then be available to any user



If you need to have a Business Analyst profile

  • Choose the 'Product manager' profile
  • Copy it
  • Change its name to 'BA' or 'Business Analyst' - as you prefer
  • Grant the user to do everything on the requirements and the specifications (if you use it)
  • Submit this new profile
  • Then edit each user you need to associate with this profile 


Reminder: Xstudio combines action rights from the profile with access rights of the team the user is a member of  in order to determine if a user can act on a object. 


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