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How to pass params to test scripts, generate test cases from a pattern

The attached presentation explains how to use parameters, use it in a test script. It also explains the way to generate multiple test cases from a pattern, using the params. 

This example is based on a windows batch script and a batch specific launcher.


Note that the corresponding shell script can be found in

  • Create a test that calls a REST API
  • Define it in XStudio
  • Define needed parameters
  • Run it  with a simple configuration
  • Review results
  • Use parameters to generate test cases
  • Use parameters to generate test cases


Note 1: If you are using a version prior to 3.1, you can find the specific launcher here also.  Just copy the launcher and its XML into the xstudio\bin\launcher (prior to 3.1). 

For 3.1  this launcher is delivered as a standard one.

If you add a launcher and are using the VM or a server don't forget to adapt your "launchers.xml" file; this is not needed on the standalone version.


Note 2: if you want to try the git upload, the basic script is also attached here. You need to adapt it to your context.




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